Accommodation in Beli             

Accommodation can be found in Beli either at the village inn 'PANSION TRAMONTANA', in rented houses and apartments, and in the summer months a campsite and shop is situated down by the beach.

Nestling on the hillside where the end of the single-track road meets the start of the old woodland trails is a charming family-run Inn overlooking the picturesque, sleepy 4,000 year-old settlement of Beli. This is situated deep in the northern part of Otok-Cres (Cres Island) amongst the peace and tranquility of Tramuntana. The Inn is open to guests all-year-round and boasts excellent views over Beli and the Kvarner islands


Ideally situated on a wooded hillside above Beli, 'Pansion Tramontana' is in an excellent location just a few hundred yards from the beach and harbour, and at the gateway to Tramontana's network of walking trails. The clean & comfortable rooms afford an excellent view of either the village and sea below, or the forests of Tramuntana.

The Pansion welcomes families, groups or individuals. It has bar facilities, an indoor eating area and an outdoor dining terrace and barbeque which overlooks Beli and Tramuntana-perfect for whiling away the warm summer evenings.

The Malatestinic family, who run the pansion take great pride in ensuring you a pleasant stay, speak English and have an excellent knowledge of the local area.

The hospitality and friendly, relaxed environment make you feel comfortable very quickly and the energy put into making you feel at home is remarkable.

The pansion enjoys a steady flow of visitors throughout the year, indeed many of these are friends and tourists who come back to Beli at every opportunity, such is the magnetism of this beautiful place. The size of the building makes it perfect for its current purpose and all rooms are spacious, bright, comfortable and of varying size.

Food is always of a very high standard, the menu extensive and very inexpensive. I have included a link to a typical menu below, but whether it’s the locally caught seafood, salads, pizza or traditional coastal dishes like Pot-baked Octopus (Peka) or Seafood Risotto its all fresh and of outstanding quality. Drinks are also inexpensive compared to the U.K. and you could while away the late afternoon or evening relaxing with some locally produced vino, beer (Pivo) or for the more adventurous some Croatian Rakija, Slivovica or 'Medica'-for me the essence of Tramuntana, combining Honey produced just a few yards away with Rakija from the fruit of the 'Smokva'(Fig),.

The most northerly active settlement on the North Eastern side of the island, this little village has a population now of less than forty permanent residents. Situated in the heart of a beautiful wooded and rugged area known as Tramuntana, Beli boasts a culturally and historically rich and varied past. Among the first settlers here were the Illyrians, Liburnians (and some say the Celts) who first populated this densely wooded area. Indeed Beli is some 4,000 years old. It was the Venetian and Roman occupations which left most of the visible architectural legacy here. The dominant Romanesque bell-tower being the most striking of these and the Roman bridge crossing the canyon at the old entrance to the village. Once you have visited the area and have seen the physical position of Beli, you will no doubt begin to understand the primary reason for the situation of the village. It stands on top of a rock outcrop some 130 metres above its own beach and harbour, and would be easily defendable from any siege coming either from land or sea.    

  • Beli has a Post Office opening Mon-Fri 9-12am..stamps & phonecards etc.

  • Beli has 2 public telephones (phone cards only)

  • There is a shop during summer at the beach.

  • Several restaurants and beach bar (summer only)

  • Scuba-Diving Base

  • 'Eko-Centar' for volunteers/ Conservation/Visitors/ Local advice & Educational walking Trails.                

“Soon after arriving at this place, you feel obsessed with its unique atmosphere and you start to imagine that after such a long absence you have finally arrived home, back into nature's hug.”

Nives Matijevic

A selection of other private apartments and houses are available for rental on request in Beli, Cres, Miholacica and Filozici.

We would appreciate Information on the dates you require, your type of holiday(Walking, Diving etc) and the size of your group so we can align you with the most suitable accommodation.

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