Cres is a very peaceful-sparsely populated island offering a sublime-spiritual retreat from post-modern haste. The accommodation and accessibility here is geared towards 'niche', rather than mass-tourism and we recommend this type of holiday to the more self-organised and discerning visitor who has a healthy respect and a genuine appreciation of this unique and stunning place.

We encourage activity-based tourism (Walking, Diving. & Sightseeing)- A type of tourism, closely allied with achieving the above objectives. 

To this end-we ask that you 'take only memories and leave only footprints'

Using local knowledge and personal experiences, the aim is to offer you impartial, quality advice on getting to the Kvarner Islands to help you on your way to a fulfilling and enjoyable stay.

All the selected accommodation, locations and activities in the Kvarner Islands have been visited or patronised by myself (webmaster) and I would not recommend anywhere I personally felt unsuitable. Most of the accommodation here is of a 2 to 3 star rating either in the form of hotels, private apartments or rooms in local houses. 

As you browse the pages of this site I hope to convey the special affection I, (webmaster) hold for these beautiful islands and raise enough curiosity for you to come and visit.

I would like to thank all the organisations, many friends and individual contributors of photographs, information and other materials herein who have helped to fulfill my dream to create this website.

I dedicate this website to the memory of my late brother-in-law and good friend David Stephen Faller 04/04/1962 - 04/09/2003  a humble and selfless man who inspired me immensely.

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