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  1. Beli to Krizic, Via Orline Gorice 18km

  2. Beli to Porozina via Niska 12km 

  3. Lubenice to Grmov via Vidovice 8km

  4. Nerezine to Osor via Osorscica 12km

  5. Cres to Sveti Blaz 12km

  6. Banje to Beli via Zanjevici 9km  CLICK FOR WALKING PRESENTATION

  7. Circular 'Red Eko-trail' from Beli 10km

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Looking South towards Cres from 'Sis' 639m, note the main Porozina-Cres road clinging to the ridge.

Many of the best trails on the Cres & Losinj Islands are unmarked and the routes vague in places, but, for me, this only serves to enhance the feeling of wilderness and escapism you find here. For here is the domain of the White Headed Vulture (Eurasion Griffon) soaring high on the thermals and sea breezes in search for its next meal. The once abundant sheep population here provided these birds with a plentiful supply of carrion. The emphasis today is on preserving and re-introducing those old farming practices so as the dwindling numbers of these birds here can gain a 'foothold' and the unique cliff-nesting population of this species can be saved.


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This excellent walking publication for Croatia is now available featuring 3 walks on the Cres-Losinj islands. 

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Before you walk or visit anywhere in the Kvarner islands, you should also take the informative and educational tour around the 'Eko-centar' in Beli. This provides the perfect insight into life,  culture, history and nature on Cres-Losinj.

The 'Eko-centar' in Beli have established a network of so-called 'Eco-Trails' which have been marked out around 'Tramuntana'. These are all colour coded, easy to follow and vary in length from 5km to 10km. These routes take you to many places of historical, natural and even spiritual interest in the enchanting ancient forests.

An informative guidebook and trail map can be purchased at the ECCIB shop.


The walking opportunities in the Kvarner Islands are plentiful and you could easily spend a few days of your holiday exploring in and around the many interesting and historical settlements on Cres Island. For those with more energy, there are the walks to the twin peaks of 'Gorice'- 648m & 'Sis'- 639m (2 of the highest peaks in the Adriatic) or the beautiful walk from these peaks to Niska which follows the backbone/ridge of the northern part of Cres. This walk gives commanding and breathtaking views of the forests of Tramuntana on either side and overlooks the Kvarner gulf, the islands of 'Krk' & 'Plavnik', the Istrian peninsular,  and the mainland beyond.


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