Scuba Diving

Many visitors to Beli are here to experience the wonderful Scuba-Diving opportunities provided by a more dramatic geomorphology in the North of this island, which provides many caves, a rich sea life and other interesting features to explore. The waters here are among the most clean in Europe and the clarity provides excellent visibility and a wonderful array of marine creatures and flora, including 35 species of shellfish and amongst others Dolphins, Squid, and Octopi.


Marine life in Beli is abundant just yards from the shore 

A fully equipped, P.A.D.I. certified dive center and equipment, boats and “Dive-master” qualified tuition are available down at the beach/harbour.

Situated 130m below the ancient settlement of Beli, is the dive base established at the harbour some 8 years ago is run by Robert Malatestinic (Pansion Tramontana) 

The staff have an excellent knowledge of the waters here and on the adjacent reefs,wrecks and islands, so info and maps of dive-sites and local weather advice are readily available on request.

Packages are available for beginners and experienced divers and a whole range of equipment is available for rental and boat trips to caves and wrecks run regularly

2006 Season Beli Diving Base Price list  

·  Dive including 12 ltr bottle

12 Euro

  • Dive including boat-trip(5Nm) and 12 ltr bottle.


20 Euro

  • Dive incl. trip with boat over 5 miles & 12 ltr bottle.   

30 Euro

  • Full P.A.D.I. diving course including 6 dives and theory.

250 Euro

  • “Discover Diving”-1 intro-dive including complete gear

35 Euro

  • Dive package: includes boat trip, diving, plus room at Pansion, breakfast & evening meal.

55 Euro per person, per day.

  • Boat trip for non-divers

12 Euro

  • Boat trip for kids                             

6 Euro 

Individual equipment prices available on request



All information correct at time of writing.   Flights and insurance not included 

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